New Patient

Oral health is very important for many people and finding a dentist who perfectly suits their needs is a priority. Generally, patients often select a dentist and remain with that practice for a long time. However, under certain circumstances, such as moving to a new neighborhood, people have to find new doctors and dentists.

Smile Reminders

Smile reminders are sent to you via text message or email. We send these reminders to you to remind you about your future appointment and to confirm it as well. To set up your smile reminder preferences, contact our office today!

Smile Reminder Authorization

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Initial Consultation

To meet with our dentist and our staff, you should first call our office and set up a consultation appointment. Consultations are a great opportunity for you to get to become familiar with our dentist and our clinic. Our dentist can talk to you about the different procedures that are offered and how you can benefit from them.


New Patient Paperwork and Documentation

If you are pleased with our dentist after the first meeting, our team at All Aspects Dental in Oakland Florida will assist you in setting up an appointment. Before the appointment, you will be required to fill out a new patient form and provide your dental history and records. We suggest that you come in at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to make sure that you have plenty of time to fill these forms.

This paperwork is divided into in two categories. The first one requires your personal details. In this form, you will fill in personal information such as your name, age, marital status, income range, home address, etc. The second category requires you to complete a medical history form. In this form, you must provide information regarding your past medical treatments, dental problems and details about dental insurance coverage, policy and provider as completely as you can.

It is important that you answer all of the questions honestly because any missing or incorrect information could impact your future treatment.

Our office also provides patients with the choice of filling the forms before coming to the clinic. To fill out the new patient form online, please click the following link: New Patient Form  Patients can also download health history forms from our website and fill in all the required details. This information will be stored in our database and it will be evaluated prior to your session.


Comprehensive Examination

After reading your dental health history, our dentist will most likely examine your gums, teeth, and mouth. This procedure is known as a comprehensive exam and our dentist performs it to study the state of your dental health and hygiene. Teeth cleaning is an important part of the comprehensive exam. The teeth and mouth are thoroughly cleaned before our dentist takes any x-rays so that there are no extra particles in your mouth at that time.

Our dentist will look for any sensitivity, decay, and redness around the gums and teeth during the examination and explain the procedure to you accordingly. Even though our dentist will have already studied your medical and dental history from the forms you filled, he might still ask you questions about your teeth while examining them. Our dentist does this in case they see anything unusual or something that was not mentioned on the forms.



After concluding the comprehensive examination, our dentist takes an X-ray of your mouth, which will give them a clear picture of the condition of your teeth and jaw. These scans are taken so that our dentist can analyze oral disruptions, diseases and cavities. The panoramic radiographs are the most common types of dental X-rays because they give the dentist a detailed view of the teeth and jaw. The dentist can easily spot any impacted teeth or jaw fractures with the panoramic X-ray.

Although many people believe that taking X-rays is a prolonged process, X-rays usually don’t take more than a few minutes and are completely safe for the patient. Our dentist will guide you through the process by asking you to bite down on gauze, while the rest of the body is protected from the X-ray machine with a device that will cover it. Only the mouth will be scanned by the machine.


Post Examination Discussion

After the dental exam, our dentist will discuss your results with you and guide you through any of the irregularities or decay that they may have found in your mouth. They may also mention the various treatment options that our office offers. Our dentist will provide you with the most appropriate and detailed treatment plan for your specific needs, and they will customize it to fit your requirements.

Our main goal is to help you maintain good oral health and solve all of your dental issues.


Follow-Up Sessions

After meeting our dentist at All Aspects Dental in Oakland Florida and discussing possible treatments you may require, then a follow-up session will be arranged for you according to your availability. During these follow-up sessions, our dentist will clean your teeth and prepar you for any forthcoming treatments.

We recommend that you visit our clinic for at least two follow up sessions within a single year. This will help prevent the development of oral diseases, tooth decay and cavities. Over the course of these follow-up visits, our dentist will perform teeth cleaning and further treatment to keep your teeth in their best condition.